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Bottleman Takara Tomy Battle Game Bottle Cap Toys For Kids BOT-01 BOT-02 BOT-03 BOT-04
Price RM25.00 RM35.80
Product SKU bottleman
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 18 cm
Availability 135
Model No Stock

BOT-01, BOT-02, BOT-03, BOT-06
Power-type bottleman with strong firing power. The protagonist aircraft with children's favorite cola motif. Push both wings into the center to release a powerful cap shot. Includes head part and 1 launch caps Set

Contents: Bottleman body parts set (1), complete armor set (1), official cap (1), correct play instruction manual (1), user label (1). #Takara #Tomy #Bottleman #BOT-01 #Colamaru #Asia #Ver.



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