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369toy School Bus Poly Kids Toys Transformation Robo Mini Car Rescue Team 6 IN 1
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Size (L x W x H) 41 cm x 19 cm x 15 cm
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School Bus Police Kids Toys Transformation Robo Mini Car Rescue Team 6 IN 1

- Brand new & high quality
- Material : Plastic
- Best gift for kids age 3 years and up

Kids Toy Transformation Poly Rescue Team 6 IN 1 Packaging (Bus)

- Poly – A blue and white police car. Poly boasts the fastest top speed. He leads the rescue team with great mental strength and persistence, protects the village from various dangers, and takes responsibility for traffic safety. Poly often gives simple advice on basic safety tips to those willing to listen, and he often makes the plans on a mission.

- Amber – A pink and white ambulance van. Wise and clever, Amber provides clues to solutions in situations using her ample knowledge and quick judgment when the rescue team is in trouble. She protects the lives of friends with various medical tools and takes responsibility for safety accidents in daily life. Amber is knowledgeable in caring for plants and animals as well as people and vehicles, but she also has comparable computer skills. Amber was given a slight cosmetic change in Season 3, replacing the red cross on her lightbar with a red letter A. She is The Friendliest Ambulance of All-Time.

- Roy – A red and yellow fire truck. Roy is very big and strong. He calmly and reliably solves problems in any rescue situation and is responsible for fire and electrical safety problems in the village. Roy uses a series of alternate attachments that include a crane arm, a portable hoist usable in robot mode, and a cherry picker in addition to his usual ladder. He also pulls much of the trailers the team uses on their missions. Additionally, he is physically the most powerful member of the team and carries a fire hose that sprays anything that can flow in a stream-like form.

- Helly – A green and yellow helicopter flying through the sky. Armed with a positive and quick witted personality, he livens up the entire rescue team. He is supposedly the youngest member of the Brooms Town Rescue Team. His high performance search and information transmission abilities make him the messenger of choice of the rescue team. Helly uses his robot form more often than the others, as he has very few alternative ways to move on the ground. He also uses many special tools and equipment in his work. Parts of his legs were recolored in Season 3, as they a notably more grey in color.

- Mark – An orange pickup truck resembling a Kia Bongo. He always supports The Rescue Team during missions along with his best friend Bucky. He was introduced in Season 4.

- Bucky – A yellow tow truck (just like Spooky) who is a member of the Mountain Rescue Team. He is best friends with Mark and The Rescue Team and Jin. He also helps The Rescue Team too. He was introduced in Season 4

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